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Welcome to the Maxim Foundation:
Dedicated to the continuance of Modern Philosophy

About Maxim Foundation


The Maxim Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, scholarly foundation established for the practice, and preservation of Modern Philosophy.

Maxim foundation pursues its objects through the giving of grants, particular research initiatives, cultivating conversations...



What is "Modern Philosophy"


Philosophy (the pursuit of wisdom) flourished as a pastime in ancient Greece and Rome before succumbing to more familiar pursuits in the long dark ages that followed the demise of the Roman Empire.  While some embers of ancient wisdom had smouldered on, it was not until the 1600s that interest began to emerge once more in earnest, this time far to the north in a politically turbulent Europe....

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Contact Us

Maxim Foundation

P.O. Box 6602

Queensland Australia 4870

Applications for grants

Maxim Foundation invites applications for grant of funds. Applications will be weighed on the merits of their potential to help answer big questions and to guide actions. Applications relating to all realms of Philosophy; Natural (i.e.. the sciences) Moral (i.e.ethics, politics) Metaphysical (i.e. geometry, mathematics) or Primary (i.e. logic, epistemology) are welcomed....


Iron Range Research Station


Iron Range Research Station is an initiative of the Maxim Foundation. Set on hundreds of acres of private land in the remote wilderness of Cape York Peninsular far north Queensland Australia, the Research Station offers accomodation, facilities and access to the extraordinarily divers ecosystems of the Iron Range and northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef...


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