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Iron Range Research Station is an initiative of the Maxim Foundation. Set on hundreds of acres of private land in the remote wilderness of Cape York Peninsular far north Queensland Australia, the Research Station offers accomodation, facilities and access to the extraordinarily divers ecosystems of the Iron Range and northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef.

The IRRS is intended to service as a venue for the expansion of knowledge through research into this little known and extremely varied area, its geological, anthropological and ecological history. The station also intends to offer its facilities freely for the hosting of philosophical retreats and small gatherings of scholars pursuing fields of interest to the Foundation.

Any groups or individuals wishing to use the Station Facilities should contact the IRRS by email detailing the dates, numbers and intended use. As much notice as possible is helpful to facilitate logistics in such a remote location. 

Access is possible year round via the all weather airstrip adjoining the property serviced by regular commercial flights.



Iron Range Research Station

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